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Wilson’s storm petrel

Wilson’s storm petrel, also called them Oceanites in french. They go in the Arctic in July/August for food and come to Antarctica in December/January to breed. A migration of over 40 000 km, like the arctic tern.

Still fascinated by Antarctica

I have been working on Dumont d’Urville Station since 12 days and didn’t get so much time taking photos and even less post-processing them. Sunset of tonight was so amazing that I needed to have a look. And it is stunning.

Glacier trip / Posing beaded seal

Water sampling close to Kronebreen, Kongsbreen and Conwaybreen yesterday. Met a posing bearded seal, gorgeous!
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Endurance rocket launched!

Endurance rocket launched this early morning! Got to see my 4th rocket launch from Ny-Alesund :).
Why does Earth support life? The Endurance mission will attempt to measure Earth’s global electric potential, or how much Earth’s electric field “tugs” at electrically charged particles in our air. This electric potential is expected to be very weak, making it difficult to measure – and one reason Earth can support life More informations here: