Ny-Alesund in one photo

So much is happening in this photo.
In front of the iconic scenery of Kongsfjorden with Colletthogda and Tre Kroner in the back, we got the emblematic train used during the coal mining era, smoking polar lights into the sky, with this pink glare over the village, triggered by the sun reflections on the polar stratospheric clouds.
This was not enough, so I had a meteor from the Ursids meteor shower.
And all that is Ny-Ålesund my friend.
All of this is during the polar night, sun is not setting since October 24th, we can see the mountains in the background with the almost full moon.

Polar lights show

We were spoiled by an incredible display on the 06.11 night, although there was no geomagnetic storm underway, apparently triggered by elevated solar winds in the Arctic. One of my most amazing sighting from here [image: 🙂].

Rocket launch SS-520-3 / JAXA

Rocket SS520-3 from JAXA departed this morning at 10:09:25 UTC! On the second day of the lauching window, congratulation to JAXA & Andoya Space Center team that worked on it.
I kind of heard that all parameters sounds nominal (science and lauching aspects), which makes it an even greater achievement!
Spectacular launch, everybody in town were very excited about it ! I got a nice shot of the launch featuring the Blue House of AWIPEV. We can see the full burst of the first booster, second booster was unfortunately too vertical, on top of our heads [image: 🙁].
Few details about the rocket are available here global.jaxa.jp/press/2021/10/20211006-1_e.html <global.jaxa.jp/press/2021/10/20211006-1_e.html?fbclid=IwAR0EdomukP7LtDa7CIAFwQ0TERfzFfPsgmCYNLqCW-70ThgZZ10Ubs4cN2I>